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Welcome to KeepIn! We are your specialist for high-quality and safe reusable packaging for food. Nice to meet you!

Overview of reusable products

the range.

Our Cups

... are available in 3 sizes (250/400/500 ml).
.... insulate better thanks to innovative technology.
.... weigh less than others.
.... match with common disposable and reusable lids.
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Our Bowls

... are available in 2 sizes (750/1000 ml).
.... feature transparent lids to show the appealing content.
.... can be filled hot or cold.
.... can be individualised.
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Our Trays

... are available in one size
(253 x 164 x 56 mm).
.... offer a simple opening and
closing system.
.... are stackable – empty or filled.
.... are versatile in their use.
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Just as unique as your
business, just as high
quality as your product.

Quality is our standard:

100% polypropylene
ideal ventilation properties
optimal stackability
individual designs
100% recyclable
dishwasher safe
fast drying

By the way: We offer customised solutions for system providers, the food service industry and wholesalers.

Whether corporate design, laser engraving, in-mould labelling or (QR) code - thanks to personal service, we can achieve the optimum result together.

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With us, you will find a custom-fit product range of quality and durability, functionality and design. We look forward to an innovative and sales-oriented partnership with you!

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HoReCa player

... and want your goods to not only be received well, but also delivered safely?

We avoid unnecessary costs while guaranteeing the highest-quality protection for your food. Our range includes reusable products that maintain the temperature and freshness of your goods.

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... and ready to take your offer
to the next level?

We respond to the demand of your customers and meet the sustainability needs of consumers. That’s why you can choose from a wide range of customised reusable packaging made from high-quality, durable materials for all catering sectors.

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Our Mission

Rethinking reusables

At KeepIn, we are not satisfied with the status quo. We prefer to offer customisation, in addition to high-quality reusable packaging, and personal service for tailor-made solutions.

It has never been this easy to make a unique contribution to climate protection. Good to know: We offer quality made in Germany.

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Why KeepIn?

We asked ourselves: Why make it difficult when reusable products can be so easy?

Our products are lighter in weight than those of other manufacturers on the market. This saves resources, is environmentally friendlier and causes fewer carbon emissions. This makes us environmentally conscious and sustainable, in addition to the fact that lightweight packaging is also more convenient to handle.

What’s more, our reusable products are dishwasher-safe, can be optimally stacked (and unstacked) and are 100% recyclable after their life cycle. In addition, the material offers ideal ventilation properties that keep the product fresh and at a comfortable temperature.

On top of that, we offer unique designs and (QR) codes depending on the individualisation needs of our customers.

And last but not least: we don’t pretend to be friendly – we ARE friendly, it’s part of our brand DNA. You will notice this during the consultation. We want you and your company to be happy with us.

Are KeepIn products


The bowls and trays last for at least 125 cycles in the dishwasher.

How customizable can the design be?

As unique as your business!

Depending on the product, we offer individual packaging solutions: permanent laser engraving and in-mould labelling, as well as our own coding and a wide range of colours.

We especially recommend our selection of lighter colours, for better recyclability: the lighter the material and the less printing on the packaging, the better the quality of the subsequent recyclate. Ultimately, the packaging will be shredded again at the end of its lifecycle in order to produce new packaging.

Pick & choose!

How old can my KeepIn product get?

About 125 cycles old.

Depending on use and careful handling, your reusable packaging from KeepIn may last even longer and only the transparent lid may last shorter.

What about hygiene?

Fortunately, our products are both food safe and dishwasher safe.

As a caterer, depending on the type of reusable system you have (see question “I am a HoReCa player – what options do I have?”), you can either clean/dry the products internally with an industrial dishwasher or choose off-site cleaning by certain partners. Drying is particularly important in the rinsing process: it must be ensured that the products are fully dried after the rinsing process. Learn more at

What are the products made of and where are they produced?

Quick answer: They are made of 100% polypropylene and guaranteed quality made in Germany.

In addition to polypropylene, there is also the option of chemically recycled material with a mass balance approach, certified according to ISCC.

Whether the material is suitable for your application can be determined individually after a joint consultation. KeepIn’s top priority: the products must be 100% recyclable, which is why we do not use mixed materials.

Damaged and therefore discarded – what happens to these KeepIn products?

They are returned to us or to our participating partners!

Products that are damaged and need to be sorted out of the cycle can be returned to participating partners (or at the distribution points) or sent directly back to us, as they are recyclable.
The defective parts are collected and, when a high quantity has accumulated, passed on to our partners in the recycling sector. The material is used to produce post-consumer recyclate, which we then use to produce non-food packaging (e. g. paint buckets). Since it is not yet possible to reprocess food packaging as food packaging, we are conducting our own studies and pilot projects on this.

What is the reusables obligation for food packaging again? (Mehrwegangebotspflicht)

It is a law that has been in effect in Germany since 1. January 2023 and makes it mandatory for restaurants, cafés and grocery stores to offer packaged food and beverages in reusable packaging. This change in the law was created to reduce waste, conserve resources and become part of the circular economy.

The obligation to offer reusable packaging applies to the final distributor of disposable plastic food packaging and disposable beverage cups of all materials that are filled with goods at the final distributor. All companies where food and beverages are packaged or filled in disposable plastic food packaging or beverage cups for immediate consumption on site or as a to-go meal and distributed to end consumers are therefore obligated to comply. This applies, for example, to delivery services, restaurants, bistros, canteens, caterers and cafés, as well as supermarkets, petrol stations or other food shops. It also includes pre-packaged food and beverages, such as salads, sushi, fruit or desserts, as long as they are packaged and held by the final distributor. The only exception is for very small businesses, such as snack bars and kiosks, with no more than five employees and a shop area of no more than 80 square metres. Instead of offering reusable packaging, they can fill customers’ own containers if they wish. Of course, they can also voluntarily offer reusable packaging. (Source:

Want to learn more?
You can get more detailed information on the obligation to offer reusable packaging from the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) and everything you need to know about the German Packaging Act from the Federal Bundesamt für Justiz (Office of Justice).

Does KeepIn offer its own returns system?

No, but we are happy to advise you.

We focus on packaging and can recommend good partners for a reusable system.

I am a HoReCa player – what options do I have?

At the moment, you have three options:

1) Join a national pool system provider.
2) Join a local system.
3) Create your own in-house reusable system.

In the German (and international) market, there are already some system providers who offer an established loan/deposit system for reusable packaging, which often includes a digital app and greater market coverage. However, this may not be free of charge.

Certain loan/deposit systems also exist on a regional level, e. g. centred on a city or district, such as Hannoccino for the City of Hannover.

Create your own deposit system: Choose the right reusable packaging and provide it with your very own deposit system – 100% adapted to your needs and requirements. Dispensing, return, cleaning, etc. are all done in-house. If you choose KeepIn products, you benefit from a personal, reliable service and sustainable packaging.

Does reusable cost more than disposable?

Yes and no.

At first, of course, the investment is greater. In terms of the number of uses, however, reusable is cheaper in the long run.