Our cups are more than just a container for your favorite drink; they are an expression of your commitment to the environment and your personal style.

Drei KeepIn Becher in unterschiedlichen Größen mit braunen Deckeln.

Less is more

Save packaging material and storage space every day

Show who you are

Show who you are and what you stand for with your individual product design

What really counts

Certified for at least 125 cycles and up to 100% recyclable

Take the first step towards a better future and let your drinks not only refresh you, but also change the world - cup by cup

Our reusable cups are particularly light and have above-average insulating properties - thanks to the innovative foaming technology used in the manufacturing process. They keep the coffee hot without burning your fingers when you touch them. The cups are available in three sizes: small (250 ml), medium (400 ml) and large (500 ml).

With ecocore® technology, more sustainable injection-molded foam packaging can be produced in no time at all. They are around 50% lighter than comparable products. At the same time, the inclusion of air in the material makes them particularly insulating. Less material means less resource consumption during production.

Discreet or eye-catching? KeepIn reusable cups can be customized. With colored in-mould labeling decor or QR code, matching your corporate design. This means you can also use your cups as a targeted advertising medium.

Canteen employee

“KeepIn products dry quickly and are easy to handle. I think it's great that we've switched to reusable trays.“

Restaurant delivery service

“KeepIn is all about product quality - just like us. A good menu must be well protected during transportation and look fresh afterwards.“

Specialist for system catering

“The robust containers from KeepIn impressed us with their workmanship. They are easy to stack and easy to clean, which was important to us.“

Managing director system catering

“This takes us one step further towards environmental protection - without having to compromise on quality and economy.“

Managing director

“KeepIn responded constructively to all our wishes. We are totally delighted with the implementation of our design.“


Together for a better future

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